"The Spark program at Jamestown Upper Elementary has filled a gap that we had in our after-school programming. Spark has given our students a place where they can go after school and feel loved, cared for, mentored, and supported. To have a tuition-free program, right here within our school, is a major benefit to our students. The program has great organization, positive volunteers who want to work with kids, and collaborates well with our school staff. We are excited to grow our partnership with Spark and continue to provide a great after-school opportunity for our students".  -Andy Secor, Jamestown Upper Elementary Principal

"The Spark program has helped me meet other friends and to be more kind to others".  -Dylan, Spark student

"I believe kids can never have enough positive adults in their lives who really believe in them. Spark is a rewarding opportunity to get to know some great kids through homework help, playing games, and conversation. It's encouraging when relationships are built, and I see the kids navigating positively in their peer relationships, time management, and self-control".  -Patty Wallinga, Volunteer

"My daughter has been greatly impacted by going to Spark, it gave her somewhere to go with other kids where she received extra help with reading, and she thouroughly enjoyed her time. She loved all the games that helped her learn without even realizing that was what they were doing!"  -Brooke Kosloski, Parent of Spark student

Helping Others Achieve

          Their Dreams


Whether it is economic, relational, mental, or spritual, poverty in all forms robs people of many things. It robs people of hope, joy, and the ability to dream for a better future. We believe everyone is capable of rising above their circumstances if they have access to opportunities and an ecouraging support system. We seek to be this support system and help others defeat the most overwhelming obstacles that stand between them and their purpose. It is our desire to walk alongside others while encouraging them on their journey to achieving their dreams.