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Random Acts

Small things can often make children feel part of the community in a big way, but the opposite is also true for thousands of youth in our community. Not being able to particapte in school or classroom activities because of financial barriers, gives children the feeling of being "less than" or alienated from their peers. The Spark Random Acts initiative provides funding and items for the nominal finacial costs of simple things that create a sense of belonging. 

Throughout the school year, program administrators identify students who could benefit from the blessings of a Spark Random Act. These funds allow students to engage in activities where they would otherwise sit out, as well as strengthen their connection to the school community. 

Group of school kids reading for educati

Counseling Scholarships

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Program administrators identify students whose development would flourish with the support of professional counseling. When the cost of this service overwhelms a family's budget, Spark Random Acts helps fund this service to ensure students thrive. 

Hygiene Baskets

Spa and Beauty Products

We stock baskets of hygeine products and make them available to students who may have a need for basic hygiene products throughout the school year.

Break Boxes

Image by Annie Spratt

While many families are able to enjoy break activities and vacations together, there are many students who lack the resources to do this. During Winter, Spring, and Summer break, we create boxes filled with stimulating activities -books, crafts, outdoor fun- as well as some surprises to brighten the break weeks for students. 

Image by Jerry Wang

Students who select their own books are far more enthusiastic about reading. Through book fairs, we aim to develop eager readers in children who may otherwise not have access to books they enjoy. We also fill the financial gaps so all children can participate in extra-curricular events outside of school.

Book Fair & Extracurricular Vouchers

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